HCSTSI demands action against food officer for raid in dead night

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HYDERABAD: President Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry Daulatram Lohana has condemned the raid of assistant food controller Rafiq Shahani on a floor mill at dead night which has caused humiliation and concern among traders of Hyderabad.

In a statement here Thursday Lohana has said that if the officer of food department had any doubt of illegal activity by floor mill he should have raided in day light but by raiding after mid night was meant to harassment and humiliation of flour mill owner which cannot be digested.

He said by conducting raid after midnight the food official has given impression as if he was going to arrest a criminal.

Daulatram Lohana said this raid has caused concern among traders of city including flour mill owners. He said in a situation of outbreak by deadly pandemic coronavirus when precious lives of people around globe including Pakistan were already under fear and terror of corona, raids like one mentioned above are seen as misuse of power.

The HCSTSI President demanded from Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, Minister of Food Hariram and Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad Fawad Ghaffar Soomro to take stern action against above food officer for trespassing and misuse of his authority.


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