“Youth With You 2” Mentor Cooperation Stage Will Open, iQIYI Concentrates on Creating High-quality Content

BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach – 22 May 2020 – Last week, iQIYI original hit variety show “Youth With You 2” released its third ranking, and 20 trainees got tickets to the finals. Among them, Xin Liu reached the pick with the highest popularity, Esther Yu, Yan Yu, KIKI Xu, Snow Kong, Xiaotang Zhao, Aria Jin, Babymonster An, and Shaking ranked 2-9 respectively.

In addition to announcing the latest ranking, this week’s “Youth With You 2” will usher in a highly anticipated mentor cooperation stage, which means mentors complete the stage performance with the trainees together. Since the broadcast of “Youth With You 2”, these four mentors and X mentors have demonstrated their strong professional ability and continued to give high professional guidance to the trainees. Take Lisa, the dance mentor, for example, she has five-years extensive training experience before debut, deeply knows the importance of hard work and seriousness, and it is not easy for girls to stand on the stage and show themselves, so she is also very strict with them. As a perfectionist, Lisa hopes that the trainees can work harder, make every performance present with the most perfect effect, and let everyone’s efforts live up to their expectations.

During the training, Lisa always pays special attention to each trainee’s movement performance, emotional expression, and eye contact. When encountering problems, she usually stops in time, points out the problems, and at the same time, demonstrates the dance move for the trainees in person, so as to achieve the best effect of training. Strict requirements and attitude make Lisa not only be respected by the trainees but also gain many international fans. Among the videos related “Youth With You 2” on YouTube, contents conclude Lisa always occupy the top of the broadcast list.


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