Coronavirus: Interleukin 7, promising drug supports T cells; Chloroquine increases mortality rate

coronavirus blood sample

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: Treatment methods related to the coronavirus, which are affecting the whole world and dragging the countries to disaster, continue to be investigated. According to the news from the UK, Interleukin 7 drug that supports T cells creates hope in treatment.

According to the reports, about 5.3 million people worldwide including more than 48,000 people in Pakistan have been infected by the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

It is to be mentioned here that previously the President of the United States of America Donald Trump announced that taking hydrochloroquine as a preventive against the coronavirus. However, a study of 96,000 patients worldwide shows that those treated with this drug have a higher risk of mortality rate.

Hydrochloroquine and chloroquine, two malaria drugs, have no effect on patients hospitalized for Covid-19, said Mandeep Mehra, head of the Center for Advanced Heart Disease at Harvard University, quoted in Friday a press release from the Zurich University Hospital.

Hopeful steps for coronavirus treatment continue to be taken, according to breaking news from the UK. Trials have begun on a new drug that supports T cells in the United Kingdom, which has received one of the severe wounds in the outbreak.

The reduction of T cells that appeared effectively in coronavirus patients gave important clues to starting this treatment. Experts plan to take important steps in the treatment of coronavirus, starting with clinical trials with the drug Interleukin 7.

Experiments are conducted by experts from King’s College in London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has so far claimed over 334,057 deaths across the world and more than five million and one hundred thousand infections have been detected.

The United States has the highest death toll of 96,280 followed by Britain with 36,042 and Italy with 32,486. However, 1,067 people died after succumbing to the novel coronavirus in Pakistan.

Over two million people so far have recovered from the infection.


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