Online Gaming Accessories Shopping Boomed during Lockdown; says ITDukan

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The corona pandemic switched the entire world to the recharging mode and our lifestyles have been changed. People are forced to stay home due to lockdown throughout the globe, and most of the work is being done from home now. This created a lot of chaos among youngsters as they can’t go out to play. Therefore, they replaced their outdoor playtime with gaming, and they are more inclined towards online gaming.

According to a survey conducted in March 2020, people spent around $10 billion on digital video gaming that is a record high. In February 2020, the record showed an expenditure of $883 million. This is a massive shift within just one month and is something that never happened before. It’s all because of our stay-at-home routines as we have been badly stuck in our homes for the last two months.

What Made Youngsters Inclined Towards Online Gaming?

The world has never experienced a lockdown on such a massive scale when every single country in the world was on the same page. The adults worked from home and the ladies had tons of household chores; however, only kids and youngsters were sitting idle doing nothing. Their schools were closed neither could they go out to play. In such circumstances, the technological influence boomed and people started relying on gadgetries more than ever. What is more, almost everything shifted online and so did gaming. Not only did people rely on the web for shopping, but they also started using it for educational and recreational purposes. Because the online gaming trend has been increased a great deal, the gaming accessories, too, are being sold massively. There has been a sudden increment in the sales of gaming products during March, and it was all due to the lockdown throughout the world.

Where to Buy Gaming Accessories?

Now, the question is how to shop for gaming accessories when the entire world has been locked down? None of the shopping malls were open for good three months, and the only available option was online shopping. This is something new the world has seen, especially Pakistan. People never preferred online shopping for gaming products, but now they are doing it frequently. This is because they have no other option and they are hell bored staying home. If you are confused about the purchase, give itdukan a visit and all your worries will go away in an instant.

What is

You may not have heard the name before as it is a pretty novice online marketplace for gaming items. Despite being new, it has already gained fame among gaming lovers and a lot of customers have already shopped at the store. Most of the reviews are satisfying which shows it is a reliable place to shop from. Other than gaming products, the store also brings you mobile accessories, PCs and laptops, imaging devices, and computer components. You can also find audio devices such as Bluetooth, headphones, speakers, etc. Visit the store now and bring a thrill to your gaming experience by buying amazing items.


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