Out of the box solution for cricket balls

Prof. Arjuna De Silva

Sri Lanka’s sports medicine expert, Prof. Arjuna De Silva, who first recommended to ban the use of saliva on cricket balls as a precautionary measure to fight against the COVID-19, has now proposed the use of portable UV (Ultra Violet) boxes for sterilising the cricket balls. 

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Colombo yesterday, he said, “the solution of sterilization of the cricket ball is a simple one. Portable UV boxes are available”. 


“These boxes (to be first charged by the electricity) can be kept by the umpire or even on the boundary line and can be used frequently”. 

“It will not alter the condition of the ball and will have no adverse effects on balls. Since this is an inanimate object, it can easily and successfully work”, Prof. Arjuna De Silva, who is a Senior professor in medicine faculty of Medicine University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka, said. 

“Unlike human bodies, inanimate objects are safe from UV light. In China, the buses are being sterilized with such devices. These boxes are available in various sizes and can easily accommodate cricket gears”, he said and added, “I am considering writing this to the ICC”.


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