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Summers are here and all of us go insane when it hits its peak. However, women can’t compromise on styling, no matter what the circumstances are. Therefore, they need summer-friendly clothes that are capable of beating the heat. Long gone are the days when ladies used to wear non-branded dresses, as of now, the game is of names. They look for the names that are both fashionable and bring clothes that are light enough to wear in the scorching sun. If you are in search of one of such brands, then give Shireen Lakdawala a visit that is soon going live to display some of her latest summer trends for 2020.

Who is Shireen Lakdawala?

Shireen Lakdawala is a Pakistani dress designer who is keen to bring unique dresses for women. You will find clothes for both formal and casual wear, and in her latest collection, she has bought some of the finest stitched and unstitched lawn. However, she focuses the most on prêt and you will find all types of ready-to-wear dresses in her collection. She is a novice designer but has already grabbed her customers’ heart and ladies are recommending it to each other.

What Made People Trust Shireen Lakdawla?

There are a few obvious reasons why people trust Shireen Lakdawala despite her being new in the industry.

She Brings Unique Dresses

Well, every brand claims to bring unique dresses, but when you give a close look, there’s nothing extraordinaire about them. That’s what makes Shireen Lakdawala special that she doesn’t promise to be outstanding and her clothes look just as normal as other brands, but when you look at them closely, you find them pretty peculiar. Her casual collection has a special trait that it can be worn both as everyday wear and to a small gathering or a party. In simple words, they are as detailed in designing that they can replace your semi-formals.

For instance, she recently brought thread work on the lawn that looks exceptional and breath-taking. Moreover, her dresses are extremely summer-friendly and are capable of beating the heat with light colors and breezy fabric.

She Manages to Take Orders in Hard Times

Since we all have been badly affected by the coronavirus, one way or another, we need brands that could deliver us clothes to our homes. In the past four months, some of the renowned brands that were known to bring some of the finest Pakistani designer dresses failed to give their best. Some refused to take orders due to lockdown while others took them, but couldn’t deliver. This behavior damaged customers’ trust in them, and people found a replacement as there are hundreds of names in the market now. On the other hand, there was Shireen Lakdawala who neither refused nor was unable to dispatch her customers’ orders. There were only slight delays (of a day or two) that were inevitable during such a time of calamity. This helped her gaining buyers’ satisfaction, and it was during this time that she became a famous name.


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