The English Degree: What Are My Career Choices?

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Career Choices For An English Major

Pursuing an English degree is often not what most people think it is. It is not just a group of people coming together to read literary works that are spearheaded by Shakespeare. English majors do not just read for the sake of it but read to delve deeper into the psyche of the authors and the themes that these authors are trying to portray in their works for their respective time periods. But, I mean you would already have known this if you are an English student or are going to be one, and I think you are here because you want to know what is in store for you in the future job market. If you do intend to take up English as your major, consider this english language school singapore.

Your future in media and journalism

Being an English student, the core strength that you take away from this degree will be exceptional prowess in communication and writing skills. The industries that really allow you to capitalize on your skillset are undoubtedly media and journalism. However, there are other majors like communication studies that explicitly focus on media skills, so in order to brandish your edge, you have to supplement your major with work experiences. So, if you are aware that your end game is in media or journalism, seek out internships in the related field or you can simply take up extracurricular activities where you can help edit a newsletter or something similar.

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Your future in publishing

This is not to be confused with the media sector although they share many commonalities. The publishing sector mainly has its hand in pushing out bestsellers that some of you might even be analyzing for your classes right now. However, if you know the way the world works now, you would know that we are in the age of a digital revolution. Everything that we do is mostly online, it probably will not be a surprise next time if we could just consume food online. Is there really a market for traditional paper publishing? Jokes aside, while it seems like a dwindling market, there are actually untapped opportunities for publishing houses that are able to adapt and make the switch to digital. So, if you really have a passion to save publishing houses from demise and have unlimited ideas to offer, take up an internship and gain more experience by furthering your understanding of the industry.

Your future in teaching and academics

Well, it is definitely not a surprise to you that some of the most common jobs English majors eventually take up are in the academic field. As a degree that inculcates essential basic skills like written and verbal communications, it is very important that we continue to pass down these skills as language will always be indispensable. If you have the passion to let your fountain of knowledge trickle down and impact many more people, this is the job for you. Moreover, you can technically do both academics and media when you publish your own research and studies, so you can get two birds with one stone. It would be good to possess past experiences in managing and handling students as a tutor or mentor for a job in this industry.

Your future in advertising, marketing, and PR

Again, let me bring us back to the point of an English degree imparting indispensable communication and written skills. These are extremely crucial requirements to enjoy your share of the pie in the advertising, marketing, and PR sector. This is because being in this sector commands an excellent grasp of English in order to choose the appropriate words or phrases that evoke targeted emotions in the audience. Furthermore, if you look at any company looking to make it big, there is definitely a department dedicated solely to brand management or business development through the creative route. So, if you want to stand out among the rest in this industry, be sure to equip yourself with skills like consumer psychology, e-commerce technology, and other similar skills.

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Your future in the public sector

Here is a little something for the patriot in you. State-owned companies are also hiring and English students are apt to fit in the workings of these companies. The public sectors contain many different kinds of jobs where English students are irreplaceable. With more well-developed language capacities, especially in the case where a country’s dominant language is English, you are part of a group that is one of the most well-equipped to handle the analysis of important state documents that are often exchanged between countries. So, to succeed in this field, all that is needed is that you are self-driven, able to step up when the time calls for it, and are a swift decision-maker.

Your future in law

Speaking of analyzing documents, does that not remind you of another sector whose act of scrutinizing documents is second nature to them? Yes, law. Most people fear this sector for the amount of reading, memorization, and analyzing but the English student has been conditioned to do exactly just that. While you may not be able to perform in court like those law dramas that make you sit on the edge of your seat, you are certainly the dark knight that allows those in front to shine. You are the one who spots loopholes for the barrister or solicitors to bust it wide open. If this is your calling, all you have to do is brush up on your knowledge of the laws and regulations in your country and display the level of meticulousness you can strive towards.

Your future in business, accounting, and finance

As you can tell, towards the end, the jobs are becoming more corporate. You might even think: How can an English student, who has not touched mathematics throughout their entire time in university, become someone well-versed with the world of money? Well for those of you who are decent with numbers, you already have an edge over your peers in this industry. There are many soft skills that you have learned from your major that will transfer well to a career in business. As for those who may not be so comfortable with numbers, fret not because not every job in this industry has to do with calculation. There are many administrative jobs that are essential to the functioning of the workplace.


Hence, there are many job prospects to consider as an English graduate, contrary to popular belief. You just have to start exploring and gaining experience in the field that attracts you!


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