Pak Hong Rehab Products Centre launches lightweight electric wheelchairs with thicker and safer front wheels

KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 29
September 2020  Renowned for multiple professional
qualifications and internationally accredited products, Pak Hong Rehab Products Centre
(hereafter Pak Hong) exclusively launches two electric wheelchairs, CMD-912 and
CMD-912A. The new products are specifically equipped with much thicker front
wheels and brackets made of aluminum alloy. While lightweight, the wheelchairs
can bear 4 times the weight of their own. Coupled with brushless motors and premium
lithium batteries from Japan, users traveling uphill are safeguarded and
operation hours of the wheelchairs are lengthened.

First-ever configuration in the market

gaps between MTR / Light Rail trains and platforms in Hong Kong are 2 to 3
inches at times. To bring convenience to their users, the new electric
wheelchairs are equipped with 9-inch front wheels. Comparing with similar products,
their 3.5mm aluminum alloy brackets sourced from famous manufacturer are much
thicker than the usual 2mm ones. The Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding meeting
the highest world standards adds to the stability, rust resistance and
durability of the wheelchair frame and its connection. While electric
wheelchairs in the market normally weight 50kg to 60kg, these two only weight
30kg and can support up to 120kg respectively, let alone the aforementioned
features in place.

Considerate designs and equipment

of the 41cm back pad in similar products, the new wheelchairs are equipped with
the 50cm ones to provide stronger support and more comfort to their users. Also
putting thought into the steep roads and slopes across Hong Kong, Pak Hong chooses
to use brushless motors to enhance the safety for wheelchair users while
climbing slopes up to 12,
thanks to its stronger rotational force as compared to old-fashioned motors.
Other designs and equipment include the wheelchairs’ foldable nature without the
hustle to uninstall the batteries, anti-back flip supporting wheels, and the controller
with patented progressive acceleration technology.

Premium batteries from Japan

Hong’s strive for quality is not only reflected on its thoughtful designs, but
also its choice of power behind the electric wheelchairs. The new products
feature lithium batteries manufactured by Panasonic Japan. After fully charged,
they act as the propellant of the wheelchairs for as far as 40km, approximately
the distance between Tuen Mun and Sheung Shui. On top of this, the battery life
is 3 times as much as their comparable counterparts, which meets the highest existing
standard. Notably product CMD-912A comes with easily detachable batteries and
their UN38.3 certificate, allowing this companion to be on board and fly with
its user.

CMD-912 and CMD-912A electric wheelchairs are priced at $19,800. Considering
getting one today? Please visit —


electric wheelchair


electric wheelchair

About Pak Hong Rehab Products Centre

in 2007, Pak Hong Rehab Products Centre comprises a diversely qualified team of
mechanical, industrial, electrical engineering, design, ergonomic, occupational
and physiological therapeutic experts. It aims to provide the most suitable wheelchairs
and barrier-free products, and recommend accurate ways of utilizing them to its
customers. All products in Pak Hong
are recognized by the “No Fakes Pledge” Scheme by the Hong Kong
Government and receive international accreditation, e.g. FDA, CE and IOS. As
the first enterprise in Hong Kong with a sizable wheelchair maintenance
workshop stationed by licensed personnel, its strength also lies in high quality
after-sale and maintenance services. For more information about Pak Hong, please
refer to


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