Armenia war crime: UN, Amnesty International should stand up for human rights

Armenia Violates Ceasefire

The launch of a ballistic missile by Armenia on October 11 in Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan and home to more than half a million people, is a serious crime against humanity. The rocket fire on the city of Ganja, the deaths and injuries of civilians, children, women and the elderly are a war crime and an act of terrorism carried out by Armenian state, a crime against humanity.

There are 4 UN Security Council resolutions on the conflict. The UN has recognized Armenia as an aggressor for 27 years. It calls on Armenia to immediately liberate 20 percent of its occupied Azerbaijani lands. However, Armenia ignores these calls, continues the occupation, and continues to fire on the civilian population.

International organizations and states must be sensitive in this matter. However, all human rights organizations are silent.

Why is Amnesty International silent? One week ago, he expressed concern about the people of the separatist regime, but aren’t people who died in Ganja today? Amnesty International is not interested in their rights. Because the purpose of this organization is politics, not human rights. The main donors of this organization are France and the Soros Foundation. They are the two most important pillars of Armenia today. Of course, it’s a shame.

Armenian terror is a threat to the whole world.  Armenia has 4 neighbors and 3 of them have territorial claims.  If the problem won’t be solved today, the conflict will escalate future.

Although a humanitarian ceasefire was declared 2 days ago, with the pleas of Armenia, at the request and insistence of Russia.  Armenia is being armed during the humanitarian ceasefire. Armenia is using the ceasefire not to evacuate bodies from the region, but to bring weapons and ammunition to ambulances. We are only concerned with hypocrisy. The OSCE Minsk Group must give a legal assessment to the issue. Unfortunately, the co-chairs from Russia, France and the United States, who are supposed to mediate in resolving the conflict, are silent. The co-chairs, which must remain neutral, demonstrate a double standard. One of these countries – France openly supports Armenia and spreads fake news. Unfortunately, the OSCE Minsk Group’s other co-chairs state is arming Armenia despite a humanitarian ceasefire, demonstrating a double standard. They do it in different ways, through secret channels. Even missiles are carried on diplomatic planes and passenger planes.

The world community must pay attention to this.

It doesn’t scare us. We have power in this region, and as the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev said, no state can force us to do anything. 

We have a people-army-state union. We have reliable friends and partners. We have brothers like Pakistan. I take this opportunity to thank the Government of Pakistan and our Pakistani brothers and sisters for their fair approach and brotherly position, and I declare that we are always with you! Allah is with us!

The writer is a Member of  Milli Majlis (National Assembly) of Azerbaijan Republic and Member of the Azerbaijan-Pakistan working group on interparliamentary relations.


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