HMC administrator asks taxation staff to increase tax recoveries

HMC administrator asks taxation staff to increase tax recoveries

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC) Administrator Safdar Ali Bughio, expressing dissatisfaction over poor recovery of taxes, has asked taxation staff to increase recoveries adding that in absence of tax recoveries how HMC would carry out its responsibilities and performance of our institute would continue to be lagging down. This he said while talking with officers and staff of taxation department in a meeting which was called by him to review tax recoveries.

The meeting was attended, among others, by Taxation officer Hassan Rahupoto, Assistant Taxation Officer city  Latifabad Iftikhar Ahmed and Aslam Channa. The meeting reviewed taxes recovery position pertaining to HMC taxes on patharas, pushcarts, parking, generator taxes, advertisement, property taxes and other taxes. On this occasion various beat incharges briefed administrator about recovery of taxes.  They briefed him about the shortfall in recoveries during lockdown of coronavirus and other problems. They also informed about the survey work of shops of the city and Latifabad. Expressing is dissatisfaction on taxation recoveries Administration HMC Safdar Ali Bughio asked staff to fulfill its responsibilities to increasing tax recoveries. He said how corporation would carry out its civic affairs if it could not get full recovery of taxes.

In such situation, the performance of corporation would also be affected. He said this city is ours and it was the responsibility of all of us to perform well. He said in case of a shortage of resources city can become a stronghold of problems and civic issues. To get the city out of such problems we all shall have to strive hard. He said without cooperation of staff recoveries the situation may not improve. He hoped that all of you would use your energies to improve recoveries of taxes which is a must for service to the city and people.


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