Sindhis rallies against fed Govt’s illegal occupation of Karachi islands

Hyderabad map

HYDERABAD: Various parties and organizations took out rallies against the federal government’s illegal occupation of Bhandar and Dingi islands near Karachi. Sindh Hari Committee and Porhiat Mazahmat rallies taken out from old camps converged at press club where leaders of organizations and parties addressed the rally. The speakers including Azhar Jatoi, Imdad Chandio, Lala Haleem at a rally of Sindh Hari Committee addressed the rally while Jami Chandio, ilAkash Ansari, Imdad Chandio, Hot Khan Gadahi, Roshan Buriro, Deedar Sham, and others addressed the rally in front of the press club. They said the illegal occupation of Karachi islands was part of a conspiracy to occupy Sindh. They alleged that the Sindh government was part of a conspiracy as it had issued NOC to federal government that is why it has kept criminal silence over the issue. They asked Sindh government to get a resolution passed from the Sindh assembly against the federal government’s notification.

The participants chanted slogans against both the federal and Sindh government. They alleged that since the creation of Pakistan big brother has been occupying and harnessing resources of smaller provinces. Bangladesh, they said had got rid of Pakistan through struggle in 1970. They warned that a similar struggle may erupt in Sindh if atrocities did not stop.


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