The top 2 DIY ecig recipes

DIY ecig

One of the ways you can enhance your vaping experience is by trying different e-cig recipes. Hence, the recipes we are going to look into in this post are considered by experts to be some of the least complicated mixes. You do not have to find any exotic ingredients and the best part is that the flavorings are easy to find.

Also, these e-cig recipes originated from experienced recipe mixers who have a perfect understanding of each ingredient and the precise concentrations to use in each recipe.

Here are the top 2 DIY e-cig recipes:

1.      THE SSC (SIMPLE SUGAR COOKIE) RECIPE: This very easy to mix e-cig recipe was created by ID 10-T who happened to be the winner of the second edition of the DIYorDIE WMC (World Mix Championship). It consists of two simple ingredients that make up about 12 percent of the flavoring of the e-juice. Here are the two ingredients required for this e-cig recipe:

a.      SC (SUGAR COOKIE) CAP: CAP is an acronym for Capella Flavors. Hence, the SC CAP is a soft sugar cookie that you can combine with varieties of cookie flavorings and biscuits. This will help in enhancing the texture of the cookie.

b.      VC (Vanilla Custard) CAP: This flavor is considered by many to be the most essential custard flavor in the market. Hence, if you have a liking for custards, then you should check it out. It is a versatile, eggy, and rich flavor that can be used in different situations at several percentages. This makes it one of the most popular flavorings used in e-cig recipes. You can opt for the diketone-free version 2 if that is your preference.

2.      THE TCIC (THAI COCONUT ICE CREAM): This e-cig recipe was created by the famous mixer known as Dazcole. It is a simple and easy to mix recipe that consists of 3 ingredients that make up about 6.25 percent of its flavoring. This mixing approach takes a large chunk out of all 3 flavorings to come up with a unique profile. Here are the 3 ingredients used in making the TCIC:

a.      CARAMEL FLAVORART: Most experts consider this flavor to be the purest on the market and the best part is that mixing it with other ingredients is not complicated. All you need is a concentration ranging between 0.5% and 2% and you should be fine. You can mix it with tobacco, creams, and fruits.

b.      COCONUT FLAVORART: Unlike other coconut flavors the coconut flavorart is unique and easy to mix, leaving your e-cig recipes with no after taste. You can use the coconut FA without the fear of altering the taste of your recipe.

c.      VBIC (VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM): This flavoring falls under the category of the TPA (The Perfumer’s Apprentice). It is best used when you intend to create an ice cream profile and the best part is that it enhances the texture of your mix. However, some vapers say that a high concentration of this flavoring tastes peppery. So, you will need to adjust the perfect percentages for your taste in your mixes.

You can go ahead and try several variations of e-cig recipes with the ingredients and flavorings listed above to enhance your vaping experience.


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