Religious leaders for political solution instead of ban on TLP

Religious leaders for political solution instead of ban on TLP

HYDERABAD: Various religious leaders under banner of Jamiat Mashaekh Ahle Sunnat Pakistan have condemned ban on Tehrik Labaik Pakistan adding that pushing to wall a democratic party under allegations of terrorism was not a right decision in any sense.

Addressing a news conference at press club the leaders of religious parties including Syed Pir Ghulam Rizwani Shah Jeelani, spiritual leader of Jamat Qadria Jeelani and patron in chief of Jamiat Mashaekh Ale Sunat, Sahebzada Abdul Khair president Jamiat Ulema Pakistan and Mili Yakjahti Council, Haji Gulshan Illahi Qadri Faridi, general secretary Jamiat Mashaekh, Pir Faqir Wali Muhammad, Pir Syed Ahmed Shah Jeelani, Mian Ghulam Farooq Abbasi, Pir Syed Abdul Rasool Shah Jeelani and Qari Ahmed Ali Saeedi the basis of the allegation on which ban was imposed on TLP is found almost in all parties. If ban was imposed on political parties for dharas, roadblocks, causing damage to properties and police counters, then no political party could remain out of the ban. They questioned was the demand of expelling Frech envoy from Pakistan under Touheen Risalat. Were the envoys of neighboring countries not expelled over national affairs and was there no agreement struck between government and TLP. They said there might be mistakes in way of protests which matter could also be solved through dialogue. They added that parties who were banned in past were also working under changed names. They questioned was there any political party in Pakistan which had not gone to protest and as a result of it had there been no violence and lawlessness. They asked were such parties banned and in this way, if every party was banned then there would remain no political party in the country. They stressed upon to consider the matter again and to find a political solution through dialogue.


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