8 Things You Can Do to Aid in the Preservation of Our Planet

Planet Earth (Africa, Europa, Asia) painted by watercolor

Weather patterns are shifting, posing a threat to food production, while rising sea levels threaten to unleash catastrophic flooding across the globe. We must take drastic measures to prevent irreversible damage to major ecosystems and the climate of the planet. There are numerous things you can do on a daily basis to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint and thus have a smaller negative impact on the environment. Protecting the environment is not only a responsibility; it is also a necessity. The following are actions you can take now to help save the planet.

Reduce Your Water Waste

Tap water flows into the cup

Water, after air, is critical to life’s survival. Water is a limited resource that will run out if it is not properly managed in the near future. Conserving water can make a big difference in preventing these future shortages. It’s the little things that count. You’re doing well just by taking brief showers or turning off the water while brushing your teeth. Do you have a dripping faucet? Correct the situation by getting a high quality automatic faucet characterized by infrared sensing technology. It’s simple and low-cost to install. Also, quit consuming liquids packaged in plastic bottles. Use glass bottles which are reusable and recyclable. You’ll save a ton of money and contribute to the reduction of a ton of plastic waste by doing so.

Eat Sustainably

Eat Sustainably

Extinction of wildlife is largely a result of human food production. One-quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by our diet, and 60 percent of biodiversity is being lost as a result. Changing to a plant-based diet and avoiding a meat-centric one can help the environment. The availability of vegetarian and vegan options in restaurants, cafés, and supermarkets is increasing, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to eat. Moreover, reducing your consumption of meat and dairy products can help you save money each week on groceries.

Buy Eco-Friendly Products

Buy Eco-Friendly Products

We can all do more to be more conscientious about the things we buy and where they come from. The more you buy less, the better your environmental footprint will be. Buying less will save you money. A less hedonistic way of living is advantageous to both the individual and the environment.

Make use of your purchasing power and make sure that your money is going to a good cause. Supporting environmentally friendly items encourages businesses to source and manufacture their goods sustainably. If you are in business, make sure that your packaging solutions are sustainable. For product manufacturers based in Southern India, you can acquire a supply of packaging pouches from stand-up pouch manufacturers in Hyderabad. Stand up pouches are sustainable, have compact designs and are ideal for different kinds of products.

Dispose of Toxic Waste Properly

Three brightly colored waste bins placed where they can easily be found and used
Three brightly colored waste bins placed where they can easily be found and used

Paint, petroleum products, ammonia, and a slew of other chemicals should not be flushed down the toilet or dumped into the ecosystem. They’ll seep into the ground and end up in the water table. Consult your local sanitation service for information on hazardous waste disposal and toxic chemical disposal best practices.

Plant a Tree or Two

Gardener, in a fall garden. He is planting pumpkins.
Gardener, in a fall garden. He is planting pumpkins.

Trees release oxygen into the air, which is essential for our survival. So, by increasing the number of trees planted around the world, we’re generating more oxygen and improving the quality of our air for everyone to breathe. Forested areas have lower levels of stormwater runoff, which minimizes erosion and pollution in streams. Trees also provide habitat for numerous wildlife species. Trees have an impact on everything from the quality of the air we breathe to the amount of rain that falls on the ground. Without a healthy tree population, both we and the earth will perish.

Use Public Transport

the tram
A typical view in Amsterdam, the tram crossing the Blauwbrug in Amsterdam. I was walking through the beautiful city of Amsterdam during sunset when I created this picture.

A whopping 85 percent of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions come from the surface transportation system. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by walking or biking is an apparent solution. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the added exercise and calorie expenditure. Use public transportation if you live in a region where you can’t walk everywhere. Alternatively, people can share rides. It doesn’t matter if there’s just one less automobile on the road.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Photo of outer space
Photo of outer space photo – Free Space Image on Unsplash

The amount of energy you use has a direct impact on the environment, even if you don’t realize it. Less electricity use means less hazardous fumes from power plants, more natural resources for the planet, and less devastation of ecosystems. Reducing your home’s electricity use, or adopting solar, can help the environment, save resources, and even save lives. Even if you think your energy-saving efforts are insignificant, when multiplied by 7 billion, even the smallest actions become enormous.

Buy Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Free Petrol Image on Unsplash
Free Petrol Image on Unsplash

Despite the fact that cars have a bad reputation for destroying the environment, there are many ways to drive greener and safeguard the environment when you are on the road.Some environmentally responsible driving choices can help you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you a ton of cash. Driving a fuel-efficient vehicle that emits as little greenhouse gases as possible is the best method to establish environmentally friendly driving habits.

Also ensure that you use the right kind of oil. When you take your car in for an oil change, you might be tempted to save money by using the cheapest type of oil. However, the type of oil you use has an impact on your car’s performance and efficiency. Read the manufacturer’s instructions in your car manual and use synthetic, ecologically friendly motor oil such as EcoPower wherever possible.


Earth must be saved because it is the only place in the universe where fresh water, food, and oxygen are available to thousands of species, including humans. If we keep polluting, the Earth’s temperature will rise, resulting in an array of difficulties such as an increase in natural disasters, habitat degradation, and numerous other grave challenges. These suggestions are ideal if you want to make a difference in a little way.


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