Steam Exchange Introduces a Unique NFT Gateway Solution, Designed for Cross-Chain Functionality Across Marketplaces

Toronto, Ontario – Newsfile Corp. – 14 March 2022 – Initially intended as part of Steam Exchange’s ‘Beyond Stage 3’ developmental roadmap, the team is pleased to share that they have made significant progress on their unique NFT Gateway. Designed with absolute convenience in mind, this specific aspect of the Steam Exchange ecosystem enables their userbase to access the plethora of NFTs available for trade across a wide range of NFT platforms. The Steam Exchange NFT Gateway will be a cross-chain tool that facilitates all purchases, offers, and bids, with the Steam Exchange native coin, playing true to their “one-stop-shop” solution for all things digital assets.

The Steam Exchange NFT Gateway allows for cross-chain partnerships with prominent and established NFT marketplaces, while at the same time offering a curated ‘spotlight’, ‘featured collection,’ and ‘featured artist’ section that is managed by the Steam Exchange team. As part of future expansion plans to the NFT Gateway, the team is working towards adding functionality that would enable the Steam Exchange NFT Gateway to play host to artists and creators from across the world and provide a home for their collections.

The Steam Exchange team will be verifying individual artists and collections across multiple metrics prior to providing them with their ‘stamp of approval’ or verification badge. The Steam Exchange NFT Gateway is one of the more jovial elements of their developmental roadmap and we are pleased to provide an initial experiential opportunity here – ( This link will go live on Monday, 21st March 2022.

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