PFA Ambassadors set target for Lahorities’ nutritional counselling, free milk testing

PFA training workshop

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has organized a one-day training workshop for more than 200 students from different universities who recently joined the PFA Ambassador Program.

PFA Director General Mudassar Riaz Malik said that the purpose of the training was to educate the PFA Ambassadors about the initiatives and fieldwork of the PFA as well as to make them a part of the awareness campaigns.

The officials of the research and development field, dairy food technologists, public relations and nutritionists briefed them about their fieldwork. While dairy food technologists explained the practical method of milk testing to the students, he said.

PFA DG said that ambassadors will be sent to six different areas of Lahore to give the message of safe food, nutritional counselling and guide the locals at their doorstep to avail of the free milk testing facility.

He said the need of the hour is to give the training of practical and field work to the students. In this connection, PFA has opened a platform for students to learn by doing practical education.

Mudassar said that PFA will gradually increase the number of students in a bid to add them in a caravan to the PFA Ambassador Program. Ambassadors will provide full support to PFA in identifying the adulteration and counterfeiting of the mafia in the food industry, he added.


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