Punjab Food Minister Secures Agreement for Reduced Roti Prices Across Province

Food Minister Bilal Yasin convinced Naan Roti Association to sell Roti at Rs 15 across Punjab

LAHORE: In a significant development for Punjab, Food Minister Bilal Yasin has successfully negotiated with the Naan Roti Association to standardize the price of Roti at Rs 15 throughout the province, following a government directive aimed at making basic food items more affordable.

The agreement was reached after a series of discussions between Minister Bilal Yasin and representatives from the United Naan Roti Association, including its President Aftab Gul. These talks were held in the presence of key officials such as Secretary Food Muazzam Iqbal Sipra and Director Food Punjab Shoaib Khan Jadoon.

Minister Yasin Bilal highlighted the government’s efforts to reduce flour prices significantly over the past month, marking a historic decrease in rates.

“The price of a 20 kg flour bag has been reduced by 1000 to 1200 rupees, and a 10 kg bag by 500 to 600 rupees,” Bilal Yasin noted, adding that these measures are part of a broader mission to provide cheap and quality food to the populace.

Following the discussions, President Aftab Gill, in a video message, expressed gratitude towards the government’s initiatives and assured full cooperation from the association. He reiterated the association’s commitment to adhering to the new pricing and confirmed that all tandoors (traditional bakeries) across Punjab will comply with the government notification to sell Naan and Roti at the agreed price.

This agreement is expected to ease the financial burden on the average citizen and ensure the availability of affordable basic staples across the region, aligning with the government’s priority to support the common man.


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