Attention and fame seeking Veena Malik

Veena Malik

It is not of shock that Veena Malik continues to surprise everyone with her acting, modeling and speeches.  However, what has grabbed our attention is very impressive as of how Miss Veena would see it. “I am openly supporting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community and I don’t feel shy about doing it,” said the confident Miss Malik. With this controversial statement, it is not surprising that everyone seemed to focus on her. She might now have used the same deliberate words but what our controversial queen just stated was that she is in favor of same-sex marriages.

She continues to bring disgrace to her country. The method she used earlier was by doing a naked shoot with a tattoo on her upper arm and as to not much of a shock, by saying such a ridiculed statement, Miss Veena has indeed grabbed everyone’s attention and brought shame to her homeland.

Most people believe that this is a publicity stunt/act used by the controversial Pakistani Model to gain attention and have the camera rolling around about her as to she is the first ever Pakistani woman to openly accept same sex marriages and also have semi-nude pictures of herself on another country’s magazine cover.


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