Esha “impatient” Deol

Esha Deol hands covered with henna

Daughter of the gorgeous and beautiful Hema Malini, Esha Deol has her hands covered in “henna” for her approaching wedding. Being a successful actress, having fame and fortune, it is understood that her wedding will be filled with fellow actors and actresses from Bollywood. Being a daughter of a famous actress and an actor, makes her shimmer and glow with a multitude of talent in the filmmaking industry.

Esha got engaged on the 12th of February’12 to her boyfriend, Bharat Takhtani who is an important political figure. Their wedding being announced and scheduled for the 29th of June ’12 in a temple, the to-be-bride is overwhelmed with excitement and is utterly impatient for her honeymoon. Esha tweeted, “Wedding prep is going on and on and I can’t wait for the honeymoon.” This clearly indicates that all pre-honeymoon arrangements have been made and the young actress sees this as the highlight of her pre and after wedding excitement thus showing her impatience and enthusiasm.

The mother of the bride informs that, “We are very happy and excited. The preparations have started. The wedding will take place on June 29 at a temple. We wanted to have the wedding in a temple.” This shows that the family is carrying out the set traditions and after all is completed; they plan to host a grand reception which would be attended by both actors and politicians.


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