Famous Comedian Jerry Lewis Hospitalized

Jerry Lewis, famous for his slapstick, humor in film, television, stage and radio was from the New York Hospital on Tuesday. Seems like it that the 86- year old comedian had a low blood sugar after forgetting to eat or drink. He spent two nights in hospital and when he returned to work, he said, “all is well.”

His Publisist Candi Cazau says that he was taken to hospital and advised to stay there for a while as a precaution. This precaution was also necessary as the aged man was scheduled to receive an award from the Friars Club and also had to present an award to Tom Cruise from the Groups Entertainment awards.

Even at such an age, Lewis does not put an end to his famous career in Hollywood as a comedian and is beginning three weeks of rehearsals for his upcoming musical “The Nutty Professor” based on his 1963 film.

Jerry Lewis does have a history of illness starting from the 1980’s prolonging up till now. His illness two days ago was diagnosed as hypoglycemia because of which he was forced to cancel his show in Sydney due to his unstable health conditions. Even with multiple problems, Lewis’s enthusiasm for humor and show in Hollywood does not suffer any consequences which is why he is still adamant about his upcoming musical.


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