Tom Cruise rocks it all

The theatre where “Rock of Ages” is playing isn’t simply a movie theatre showing a new musical. It’s actually the place where real rock and roll went to die. Despite the title, the popular Broadway karaoke musical doesn’t rock, although it does go on for ages. On the night of the biggest show of the yearm rock of ages, — and a showcase staged by Tom Cruise the audience sees dreams come true for some characters and shatter for others in this story.

It is not initially real rock and roll, but the movie does seem to rock a little harder when Cruise is on screen and making people scream in excitement and profound enthusiasm “Rock of Ages” has some of the most enthusiastic pole dancing ever seen on screen, and an unexpectedly fun performance from Tom Cruise and songs moviegoers will recognize

One of the treats of “Rock of Ages” is that it asks us to luxuriate in an alternate reality that’s built entirely on nostalgia – it’s like “A Prairie Home Companion” for people who still keep their Styx LPs in the original sleeves. Characters repeatedly break out into well-known songs, but the songs themselves don’t belong to the real-life bands that made them famous


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