Russell Brad ready to date?

After his 6months marriage relationship with Katy Perry and then the divorce, looks like Russell Brad is back on the road. His marriage seemed to be a cool one as he looked happy after his wid ways were put behind when declaring his love for Katy. Despite the ups and downs Russell is ready to exchange marriage vows and move on in his life.

Not yet being in a serious relationship with anyone, Brad has been linked to his fashion stylist Maeve Relly and David Hasselhoff’s ex-girlfriend Anouska De Georgiou. Upon being divorced, Katy moved on with Florence and Machine;s guitarist Robert Akyroyd which looks like Russell wants to move ahead as well.

Long after Katy left him, Russell did fall back in his career but now has taken a serious leap. The actor said: ”I’ve made mistakes in the past, I won’t lie to you but this one I’m on my game! I’m going to crack on. I’m going to give the Dalai Lama the best show. I’m going to behave. He’s a holy man, it’s not pretend authority its proper authority of God. I’m going to improvise and I am going to be playing for laughs, but I’ve got to be entirely respectful of his holiness and that’s going to be no problem because I’ll tell you why, genuine respect.’’


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