Catalina Clauser arrested on charges of DUI and child abuse

Catalina Clauser

Another Example of Child Abuse in Civilized Nations!

  • Catalina Clauser, 19-years-old, forgets to pick her child from top of her car.
  • Police arrested a Phoenix beauty on charges of child abuse and DUI (Driving under the influence of intoxication).
  • Child was found on the road without anybody to care for.

It has been reported that a Phoenix woman, Catalina Clauser, returned home with her child no way around. Clauser talked to her friends and went all the way back to her route on 45th avenue when police stopped and arrested her for being careless and under the influence of heavy dose of marijuana.

Catalina Clauser is facing the charges of child abuse and DUI. Fortunately, a passerby found the child and reported the matter to the police.

The reports say that only one hour before her arrest, Catalina Clauser was with her boyfriend having heavily intoxicated with marijuana. On their return, a police officer stopped their car and arrested her boyfriend on DUI offence. Being disturbed at the incident, she left the scene with heavy heart and intoxication working on her nerves. When Clauser reached home, nothing was normal as she was unable to find her 5 weeks child on the back seat. Clauser returned on the same route and found police waiting for her in the park.

It was a lucky escape as the child was recovered safely and taken to the hospital where the doctors declare him to be ok.


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