Taliban leader Mullah Omar is dead?

Mullah Omar

BBC has claimed that Taliban’s Supreme leader Mullah Omar has died in Pakistan in 2013. Afghan authorities have confirmed this news. But the Taliban sources have denied Mullah Omar’s killing. The details are sketchy. It has been broadcasted by BBC that he died three years ago.

Hasan Askari the political analyst said that we have no reason to believe it or deny it. The second round of talks between Taliban and Afghan government is going to take place. That negotiation process might suffer snag.

Mullah Omar was the most wanted man, and was in hiding. Since the announcement by the US administration to hold peace talks with the Taliban. Taliban is no longer a homogenous group, rather it comprises of many splinter groups. There are certain pressure groups that put pressure on Afghan President Ashraf Ghani not to hold peace talks with Taliban.

Mullah Omar was killed by Tayyab and another person the associates of Mullah Akhtar Mansoor. The negotiation process may seriously be damaged. Presently efforts are made to install his son as the successor.

The leadership of Taliban has been divided on the issue of successor there are certain lobbyist present in Kabul who do not want to see the negotiation to succeed. Taliban’s activities are at stand still. Mullah Omar’s death news has been confirmed by the highest authorities’ level. We must wait and see for a while. Mullah Omar was an honest man and had no properties to his name. He was accepted and acclaimed as Ameer-Ul-Momineen.


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