Ashamed of being a part of Bollywood?

Some people are constantly struggling to be part of the utmost and famous filming industry, Bollywood. However, it is very absurd if one says that he is rather ashamed of being called a “part” of the organization itself. Seems so that, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, is not a really big fan of being called a division of Bollywood.

Omprakash, who is known for hit films such as “Rang De Basanti: and “Delhi 6” says that he becomes furiously angry if he is referred to a “bollywood” filmmaker specifically. This thing pinched him so much that he went to the extent of making a documentary on what the term itself portrays.

The 48 year old believes that he has his own personal identity and not some entity of an industry. He says, “We were never Bollywood. We have lost our identity. We are the Hindi film industry and I have a lot of pride in that because great masters here have made great movies. It always angers me when I am called ‘Bollywood’. People talk like that all over the world because it’s easier for them to identify, but people in the country referring to it that way is disappointing” and also, “I was getting fed up with the idea of being called ‘Bollywood’. The irony of the title is that I named the documentary ‘Bollywood’. I thought of going down this route to find out where is Bollywood. The process behind the documentary started like that. It is a love affair of two million people across the globe with cinema which has stood on its own, withstanding the onslaught of Hollywood.”


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