Madhuri Dixit finds bollywood very flexible

“I think Bollywood is an amalgam of all dance styles. Bollywood has no style of its own. The style is a cliche. There are so many dance styles all over the world and we get to see them all in one song itself. So this is Bollywood’s specialty,” says the actress Madhuri Dixit. By such a statement, we can see that the actress as well as an amazing dancer, finds the Bollywood industry very flexible to the entend that it can absorb new ideas, trends as well as other Genres.

With her hits such as Humko aaj kal hai, Dhak dhak, Ek do teen, Que sera sera, Kaahe chhed mohe and Aaja nachle, she has proved of all the things she is proficient off.  The beautiful Madhuri also added, “As soon as new styles come in, like hip-hop is becoming popular now, you see dancers amalgamating it into their own dancing. The dance forms get a Bollywood twist and it becomes a new style. So Bollywood is always incorporating not just Indian and folk, but western dances too.”

Even after considering the fact that Madhuri HAS the talent to pursue dancing in the future, she still polishes her skill to be at the very top and the best alongside. “It’s just discipline. You have to be disciplined. I dance regularly and exercise. One has to be fit. One good thing is that I have no bad habits! So for me it’s healthy lifestyle all the way,” said the confident actress.


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