Ursolic acid helps your battle against obesity

Ursolic acid from apple peels could potentially help battle obesity by increasing calories burned.

According to new research in mice, natural substance found in apple peel can partially protect mice from obesity and some of its dangerous effects.

Dr Christopher Adams, from the University of Iowa, USA, said: “From previous work, we knew that ursolic acid increases muscle mass and strength in healthy mice, which is important because it might suggest a potential therapy for muscle wasting”.

The research team noticed that ursolic acid – a waxy substance found in apple peel – increases muscle and brown fat mass in mice fed a high-fed diet.

The research team also revealed that mice supplemented with the compound in addition to a high fat chow burned more calories and reduced the incidence of obesity, pre-diabetes and fatty liver disease than mice not receiving the supplement.

Dr Adams added: “In this study, we tested ursolic acid in mice on a high-fat diet – a mouse model of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Once again, ursolic acid increased skeletal muscle. Interestingly, it also reduced obesity, pre-diabetes and fatty liver disease”.


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