Rod Tucker has a relaxed day on his fifty first birthday

Rod Tucker

MUMBAI: There may have been few instances when one of the on field umpires has officiated in the Test match on his birthday.

On Friday, the first day of the rain-affected Test match between India and Sri Lanka at the Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC) Ground saw the Australian umpire Rod Tucker turned 51.

Tucker had a relaxed day as most of the time it rained in Colombo.

“Yes, it is Rodney’s birthday and I am sure this significant day would not be an issue in ensuring he delivers 100% focus on the field today”, the brother, Darren Tucker, who also played the game in Sydney, said exclusively over telephone from Hong Kong, where he is a Vice President in one of the leading athletic shoe companies.

“He (Rod Tucker) has lately become a very passionate surfer and paddle boarder and he may look to do these activities at the close of play today (Friday)”.

“I am sure he will enjoy his birthday cake as always even though it appears you are all sitting around watching it rain”, he further added at the time when match was halted due to heavy rain in Colombo.

“Although umpiring is a passion it is also his profession and therefore he does need to relax”, he adds.

Rodney is married to Andrea with 3 girls from his first marriage and Andrea has a son and daughter from a previous marriage so Rodney now has 5 children who are all now adults.

He also has a passion for Real Estate and runs with Andrea Tucker Real Estate on the South Coast of New South Wales.

Later, speaking exclusively from Sydney, his wife Andrea said, “yes, we are aware about his birthday. But there is no distraction. He can concentrate on field on any given day, whether on a birthday or not”.

“Rodney likes to relax and is a very good single figure handicap golfer plus as I have said previously and accomplished surf paddle boarder and surfer”, the elder brother informs further.

“Rodney grew up playing cricket and Rugby Union. He was a very skillful rugby player who would of gone a lot further in the game if he could tackle. The sister Jodi is a very talented netballer who until recently still played competitive netball.”


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