The Pakistani Youth Solidarity

In the global world the youth of Pakistan is facing multifarious challenges and problems in the field of ideology. The world’s thought is full of concepts, the trends in the field of science, technology, politics, sociology and business are multitudinous. The ideologists are exercising latest means and methods to propagate their case in most alluring and attractive form in order to make appealing. They are using different types of channels and sources, like electronic media, social media, dramas and movies etc.

As you know about Karachi incident of that a young boy, student of 10th class committed suicide after shooting the female class mate. Did you see their letters? Those letters were written just like a script or scene of a drama or movie. It is the impact of media which reflects in young generation as an example of Karachi incident. Anti Pakistan force not only captured our physical bodies but they are still capturing our minds through their programs and dramas which we are watching on different channels at homes.

Now a day’s our youth does consider the actors as role model in their lives, they follow them and adopt their culture. It is against Islamic concept. We have a perfect role model in the life of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Unfortunately we just believe in Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as a last Prophet but do not follow his teachings and guidance. His personality, manners and leadership qualities are model for us. Youth must follow his teachings for this life and life hereafter. During His life (Muhammad PBUH) the Muslim civilization was united and they were following His teachings.

Civilization is most important for the survival of any nation. but anti Pakistan forces are exploiting our civilization through youth. They are also exploiting, educational institutions, welfare organizations, research centers and other organized groups for their purposes. They are specially focusing on youth and targeting them for their destructive ideologies. According to the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) the youth population is at least 60 percent of total population. With respect to the number and with respect to its importance youth an influential force. In Pakistan so many youth organizations are working, some of them are good and others are using different tools to detract youth from their natural inclination. This situation is in front of us. Government and society is responsible to encounter these types of organizations, NGO’S and their activities.

It is therefore necessary for those people who are concerned with interest and future of youth should play very constructive role to protect youth from evils of harmful trends and cultures. It’s necessary to think about their protection of ideology, culture, norms and values. Face the enemy with unity, faith and discipline.


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