Raza Rabbani lashes out at civil-military bureaucracy over ‘corruption’; Calls for across the board accountability

KARACHI: Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani accused on Wednesday Pakistan’s civil-military bureaucracy of corruption and called for an across the board accountability.

“There should be accountability across the board without taking into consideration any sacred or holy cows,” Raza Rabbani said, while addressing a gathering at the Federal Urdu University in Karachi.

The Senate chairman said while corrupt politicians have looted the country’s wealth the bureaucracy has also been involved in the same practices.

Raza Rabbani demanded that a separate committee or commission should be formed to monitor the performance of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). “Who will do the accountability of NAB, which does the accountability of all institutions?”

If a politician is tried in a special court then all others should also be tried in the same courts irrespective of their ranks or statuses, he added.

Warning against repeating ‘mistakes of the past’, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader called for even-handed and across the board accountability.

“The institution which is carrying out accountability of the whole country—who will hold them accountable?” asked the Senate chairman.

“I accept that politicians and political workers committed corruption…I do not defend them. But if the politicians are corrupt, the rest of the country is not clean either. The civilian and military bureaucracy is not clean either,” he said.

He said that there should be no “sacred cows or holy cows”, and that everyone should be accountable.

“It is no longer possible that special courts are formed for those with political ideologies. Special courts should be formed – I will stand by them – but accountability should be for all and across the board,” he said.


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