Adjournment motion against insufficient reduction in petroleum prices moved

ISLAMABAD, Feb 1 (INP): An adjournment motion seeking to debate the insufficient reduction in petroleum prices was moved Monday in the Senate by PPP senator Farhatullah Babar.

The motion seeks to debate “a matter of urgent public importance arising out of not reducing the petroleum products prices commensurate with the fall in international oil prices and not even as recommended by OGRA”.

It says, “OGRA had recently recommended price reduction of Rs 11 per liter in petroleum prices which itself was too little in view of the sharp decline in oil prices in international market. However, the government announced a mere Rs. 5 per liter reduction”.

“It is not only a joke with the people but also raises serious questions about wasteful and non transparent utilization of windfall gains the government has made from the massive and continuous reduction in global oil prices.

“Whereas inflation and joblessness is on the rise and prices of essential commodities in the country are also continuously rising the people expect that the steep fall in the global oil prices would be utilized to provide them some relief. These legitimate expectations have been dashed to the ground by the insensitive and irrational decision of not passing on the benefit of nose diving oil prices to the people thereby creating a deep sense of frustration, helplessness and despondency”.

“The House may be adjourned to discuss this matter of grave and urgent public importance with a view to persuading the government to revisit its oil price policies to provide relief to the people and stem the rising tide of frustration and despondency”, it says.

Cut in POL prices insufficient: PTI

Opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly, Mehmood-ur-Rasheed on Monday submitted, at the assembly secretariat, a resolution against what it termed an insufficient cut in the prices of petroleum products.

The resolution stated that a reduction of mere Rs5 is a big joke with the nation, adding, the government itself making an earning of Rs40 to 45 per litre.

Mehmood-ur-Rasheed, a leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), demanded in the resolution that the price of petroleum products be brought down by Rs40 to 45.

Earlier, the Federal Government brought down the prices of petroleum products by Rs5. The new prices became effective from Monday, February 1.


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