, the site that shows the drug damage

drug addict

These photos are frightening. You see people there in the formula “before / after”. In this case, it is primarily for becoming drug addict and after a few years of use. The devastation on the physics of these people is really scary.

The photos, shown in parallel, give an idea of the effects of drugs on the human body. If the effects on inside the body sometimes leave indifferent those on the physical aspect can perhaps convince.

The photos, released by the Mirror, are taken from a site for drug rehabilitation,

These people are usually young adults who made regular use of methamphetamine, one of the most dangerous drugs ever., the site that shows the drug damage

The wounds on the face are the result of a sensory hallucination making feel infections under the skin. Another consequence is weight loss drug addicts to whom the drug lost appetite.

And the ravages are fast because most of these photos were taken a year or two apart.


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