Do you know what the purpose, originally, the mysterious small pocket of jeans?

jeans watch pocket

What is the usefulness of this small pouch itself located in a pocket of jeans? Some have asked this question. Others have found it themselves personal use. But the purpose of this mini-bag is more unexpected than what one might think today. This is related to the time laqulle jeans were made-up.

Of course many of you consider this is the ideal location to place their condoms and out easily at the right time. Others do not even think so to use. But originally, it had a well-defined purpose.

The oldest preserved jean 1879 and at that time … the men wore watches pocket. And it is to contain this shows that used this mysterious small pocket.

The brand Levi confirmed on its blog: “The first jeans were four pockets – one behind and two in front a little more to put its watch pocket. This additional pocket has many utilities … condom coin matches, tickets, to name some.”


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