MYC to foil all conspiracies against Islamic ideology

LAHORE, Feb. 2 (INP): The Milli Yakjehti council (MYC) a conglomeration of twenty religious parties, has resolved to foil all conspiracies against the Islamic character of the country through joint efforts.

A joint declaration issued after the meeting held at Mansoora with the MYC chief Sahibzada Abul Khair Dr Muhammad Zubair in the chair, said that terrorism was spreading in the country because of the policies of the rulers and blaming the Ulema and mosques for that was intolerable. It said that colonial powers were patronizing terrorism in order to divide the Muslim world.

The moot called upon the government to stop the arrests of the Ulema, lift the ban on the use of loud speaker and release the detained Ulema.

While demanding honorable release of Mumtaz Qadri, the killer of former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer for blasphemy, the moot said that the government was planning execution of Mumtaz Qadri in an unlawful manner. It warned that such a step would trigger a 1977 like movement and the entire nation would be on roads. It was decided that a MYC delegation will call on the President and the Prime Minister to stress for the supremacy of the constitution and for Mumtaz Qadri’s release.

The declaration called upon the government to abolish the interest based economic system and introduce interest free banking in line with the Islamic injunctions.

Briefing newsmen after the meeting, Dr Abul Khair Zubair said that the rulers in Islamabad were befriending India under US pressure and were pronouncing India, the assassin of lakhs of Kashmiris Most Favoured Nation. He said that such a move would amount to rubbing salt on the wounds of the Kashmiris. He said the MYC had decided to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5, with the resolve that the liberation of Kashmir was indispensable for the solidarity and survival of Pakistan.

The JI chief, Senator Sirajul Haq on the occasion, urged the government to give up the idea of the privatization of national institutions. He said that the institutions had been destroyed by the culture of corruption and Safarish. He said if these institutions were not profitable and inefficient, the responsibility lay with the rulers. Instead of selling them off, the government should control corruption. He said that the government could not stifle the voice of the workers.

The JI chief said the rulers were keen to establish monarchy instead of the supremacy of the constitution. The country had been made a slave of the IMF through huge loans. He said the JI had decided to launch a strong movement against corruption and would seek the cooperation from other parties.

Speaking on the occasion, Jamaat Al Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, said that the entire nation would express Solidarity with the Kashmiris on February 5. He said that Pakistan was an Islamic state and it would always remain as such. He said the religious forces would make joint efforts to frustrate the designs of liberal and secular elements with the support of the masses.


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