Bill Cosby in court to withdraw sexual assault cases

Bill Cosby

American comedian Bill Cosby returned Tuesday before a court in Pennsylvania, his lawyers hope to overturn the sexual assault proceedings initiated in December against the famous actor.

In particular, they testify the former prosecutor handling the case, who made “inconsistencies” in the state of his alleged victim statements during a hearing to resume Wednesday.

Accused of months by dozens of women, the 78-year-old actor was indicted on Dec. 30 aggravated indecent assault for offenses dating back to early 2004, on the person of Andrea Constand, a former employee of the university Temple, Pennsylvania.

So far, this is the only case in which William Henry Cosby is criminally prosecuted, other files advocating civil.

Andrea Constand and William Cosby already the subject of civil proceedings in 2005, but the young woman had found a financial agreement with the actor before the case is tried.

Under the Civil Procedure, Bill Cosby had agreed to testify because the then Attorney Bruce Castor, had undertaken not to charge him.

On Tuesday, lawyers for the actor sought annulment proceedings initiated in December, because they rely on the testimony of Bill Cosby in 2005 and the violent moral agreement with the prosecutor.

Half an hour before the opening of the debate, Bill Cosby enters the courtroom of Norristown, cane in hand and flanked by two bodyguards who guided his hesitant.

Counsel for the actor, Monique Pressley said repeatedly that Bill Cosby was now “blind”.

Shaven, wearing a sea-green suit and a dark patterned tie, the hero of The Cosby Show seemed much better mood than during his first court appearance in late December when he appeared the face closed.

Tuesday, he joked with his bodyguards and his lawyers, smiling happily. But Cosby has not expressed to the court, only speaking his lawyers for his defense.

Credibility “ruined” central element of the hearing, the defense of Bill Cosby did as a witness former Attorney Montgomery County, Bruce Castor.

He explained why he had chosen at the time, not to prosecute Bill Cosby and let the alleged victim seek civil redress.

Bruce Castor stated in particular that there were “inconsistencies” in the statements of Andrea Constand, repeatedly questioned by the authorities.

“In a few days, she had changed the day it happened, from March to January. There have been several examples like that, “he said.

“His proceedings had ruined his credibility,” he said.

He also pointed to justify his decision, Andrea Constand filed a complaint about a year after the alleged facts and it was impossible to take samples and collect physical evidence of the assault.

At this point, I decided it was in the interest of justice to conclude that Mr. Cosby would never be arrested for the sexual assault of which he was accused, explained Bruce Castor.

However, “I thought it was not fair to continue but I wanted the making of a form of justice,” he said to justify his decision to direct the case to a civil court.

“The case was resolved (civil) and I hope I made Ms. Constand a millionaire,” he said.

Bruce Castor also revealed that at the time the charges were made public for the first time in 2005, several women had contacted his services to report assaults by Bill Cosby.

He was nevertheless considered that the alleged facts were prescribed as “too old”.

Dozens of women have publicly made accusations against Bill Cosby in the country, but the facts they relate are in almost all cases affected by the prescription.

The hearing is scheduled to continue Wednesday and Judge Steven O’Neill said he wanted to make his decision the same day.

In another case litigated in civil cases, a judge in Santa Monica on Tuesday ordered to Bill Cosby to testify about the facts charged against him, Judy Huth. According to her, the actor sexually assaulted the victim in 1974 when she was only 15 years old.


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