Malaise of PML (N) Government

Perhaps Khawaja Asif the minister of Water and Power is oblivious of Prime Minister’s directive on load shedding. People were rejoicing over it, but Khawaja has ruined their happiness. My question to him is “Was he sleeping at the energy committee meeting.”

Or else he is deliberately acting in this fashion to thwart the good will for the government. It is a known fact that both of them are at odds with each other. It has created more problems for the fasting public, during the seher and Iftar times. They have been deprived off the pleasure of the praying.

Kh. ASif has defied Prime Minister’s orders, and sabotaged his attempt to earn good will of the people. He is the main hurdle between the pleasure of the people and curse of load shedding. He has denied all hope of comfortable month of fasting.

Prime Minister should take notice of this flagrant defiance by a reticent cabby. “Mundia Sialkotia mukhray teh kala kala tile Waey.”


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