CII unanimously rejects Women Protection Bill

ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) unanimously rejected the Women Protection Bill passed by Punjab assembly describing it as confronted with the Shariah, Islamic teachings and Constitution of Pakistan.

The CII Chairman, Maulana Mohammad Khan Shirani talking to media after concluding of two-day meeting on Thursday said the purpose of the bill is to oust women from house and to force them to become IDPs.

Maulana Shirani said that the Women Protection Bill of Punjab and KP assemblies was thoroughly discussed in the two-day session of CII and after studying all its articles the bill was termed against Islamic teachings and Constitution of the country.

He said that Islam also faced difficulties in the past tenures of PML-N. He deplored that its name is Muslim League but works like non-Muslims. He added that in the past terms of Nawaz Sharif, the riba (interest) system was prolonged in the name of Sharif Bill. He said that constitutionally no assembly of the country could make a law which is against the basic principles of Islamic teachings.

Maulana Shirani said CII is not a party in the bill but its works is to provide guideline as enshrined in the Constitution.

The CII also sought a copy of the bill from Punjab Assembly after which it would accumulate recommendations regarding the law in the next meeting.

The CII members including Allama Iftikhar Ahmed Naqvi, Mufti Idrees attended the meeting.


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