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One of the most critical issues our nation facing today is the rising number of divorces and lack of moral and ethical family values. None of the four pillars of media are addressing this issue seriously. Infact, I would strictly highlight the fact that the story line and plot of nearly all drama serials and soap operas is conveying extremely shameful values to the audience. Young girls to married women at home watch these dramas where there are scenarios that are totally unacceptable in any honorable society, let alone a Muslim society. The producers of these dramas justify their story-line stating that they are just creating awareness among viewers about what’s happening in the society.

On the contrary, very few viewers are getting aware and majority are following what they are getting to see on the TV. Our sisters and daughters should very much be encouraged to study and work but in last one decade, married girls are failing to make a family, to top it all , even their parents are not being strict about divorces as they pose to be liberal and educated. Until late 1990’s when there were a handful of tv channels, we had dramas which we could watch with families and they taught us basic values and morals. Introduction of Turkish dramas in Pakistan has infected the drama industry badly. This is not progress by any means. I firmly request the PEMRA to keep a strict check on the story-lines of the dramas and morning shows because the need of the hour is to eradicate vulgarity from our society and we should hold workshops and free marriage counselling for our public.

The Government statisticians should note the number of divorces on yearly basis and announce publicly to wake up conscience of the society and I assure you if PEMRA limits these immoral story-line dramas and the channels show positivism and we have workshops and seminars for marriage and family counselling then the divorce rates will rapidly decline and family values among people will show marked improvement. May Allah protect us all Amen

Farooq Azhar Khwaja


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  • March 15, 2016


    Kindly prove your point with statistics rather than hearsay. If you can’t, kindly disconnect the cable connection you have and your problem is solved.