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Being a student it’s a very tough for all of us to take care of health and in this way, we mess up our healthy routines. If, I talk about taking meal on proper time, doing exercise or maintenance of our hygiene, it would be impossible because our schedule would be tough while, we have no proper time to maintain our physique. 

So, in this write-up, I want to tell you my routine after completing graduation, you would be amazed to know that I lost my weight dramatically 10 Kgs in a month having some exercises and special dietary programme. It happened just because of my determination, steadfastness and hope to get better health.  

I was truly afraid, when I was so near to passing out after completing my Master in Physiology right from the Karachi University that perhaps, I could get sufficient leisure time sitting idle at home and as a result, I could be overweight. Having this state of mind, I threw down the veil of fear, immediately planned and scheduled how to fit myself till getting further job. 


First of all, I never compromised getting of my 6-8 hours’ sleep. I started wakes up early in the morning. Perform my obligatory prayers. After that begin my morning with a glass of lukewarm water. Similarly, I make it my daily habit to visit nearest Park located to my home, where I used to jog for maximum 30 minutes. After coming home finishing jogging, I start cardio exercises which is called “Taabaata” at home, takes lot of water get some rest for at least 15-20 minutes than start doing yoga exercise, which name is “cobra stretch” it belongs to face uplifting exercises, then I again take rest and go back to sleep. I take care of my hair, skin with the help of using Alovera and folic acid.   


My breakfast contains one boiled egg or a cup of milk. Similarly, I enjoy with good music during the breakfast. 


I love to eat home cooked meal. I take 1 Chapati little bit boiled rice with cooked vegetable. Sometimes, I prefer to eat Besni Roti (without oil) with salad and mint/garlic/chilly chatni. Then,I do rest for 20-40 minutes after that I do my calligraphy which is one of my favorite hobby than I start doing yoga for 15-20 minutes. 


In the night meal I like to prefer vegetable soup, salad and a seasonal fruit. Then, I go back to sleep at 9 o clock. This is my routine life after completing my degree. Hope you enjoy reading my article love you guys  

May Allah bless you, Ameen. 



University of Karachi 


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