Online time clock system

If you are looking for an excellent time clock where you will be able to manage employee’s working time, you arrived to the right place. Emplotime provides a super easy-to-use and a very well designed system that is actually in the cloud. It means, that your employees will be able to clock In and Out from a tablet that you will set up in your company reception for example. It means there is no need today to buy complex hard time clocks. All your information will be accessible from a nice administrative page where you will be able to log in and perform different activities like updating transactions, adding PTO to employees, printing reports, etc. Also, the page will be updated in real time every time an employee clock in or out.

emplotime time and attendance solution

Emplotime provides a wide range of features like Overtime daily and weekly, PTO (Paid Time Off) management, notes that can be provided by the employee every time he clocks Out, or by the manager at the administrative page. Furthermore, the Emplotime time clock can be authorized to clock use, on different PC or tablets.

All the features are provided at the same flat and low fee, since this is actually the least expensive solution that you can find on the web. They also provide 30 days of free trial that you will receive automatically after signing up.

There is actually nothing better in the market to compare with. This is one of the best employee time tracking solutions you will see and at their price you cannot find anything like it.

So, what are you waiting for? Want more? Check out their online demo clock and demo administrative portal next time you visit Emplotime. They also provide 24/7 support free of charge. Emplotime. The best time tracking system.


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