The Ultimate LumiTact G700 LED Military Flashlight


If you are a huge fan of flashlights then you have probably heard about the ultimate LumiTact G700 military flashlight of 2016. Released this year in January for just a short period of time this flashlight managed to sell more than 5 million units worldwide.

I have been following flashlights trends all my life, and I have never seen such a buzz among flashlight fanatics for a simple flashlight. The G700 flashlight is more than just a regular flashlight with an extraordinary 700-lumen power the G700 military flashlight is more than a simple light. The flashlights of 2016 are made with a very different approach, and they are not made to be a light that can light up your way to the basement, the flashlights of 2016 like the G700 are made to be a multi-functional tool which are helpful in different situations.

What makes the G700 a military flashlight?


When it comes to military flashlights, for a flashlight to be in this category it must fulfill certain conditions. One of those conditions is that a military flashlight must be powered with more than 500 lumens. There aren’t many flashlights on the open market that have more than 500 lumens and if there are some flashlights that have at least 500 lumens not all of them fulfill other conditions in order to be classified as military flashlights.

The G700 beside their enormous 700 lumen power has a very revolutionary LED hardware that allows the flashlight to have a longer reach of 2000 feet. One of the most primary conditions that a military flashlight should have is a durable material, when it comes to durable material the G700 is made with an indestructible aircraft aluminum.

Places to buy the G700

The G700 has become so much popular on the social media that even viners started making parody videos about the flashlight. Since this flashlight has become very popular a lot of websites have tried to take advantage of its popularity by offering the G700 military flashlight on their website but instead of shipping the original G700 military flashlight they send a cheap Chinese version. When there is a lot of scam present we all turn to recommendation and currently the most recommended site where they offer the G700 is theg700flashlight website where a discount of 75% is offered only this week starting from today.

Advanced LED hardware into the G700

Military flashlight have evolved since the update of the LED hardware. All flashlight are made on very similar principal where for transmitting the lumen capacity a LED diode is being used. LEd diodes have been know as a very outdated technology but no flashlight company has managed to invent something better so far. When LumiTact released the G700 everyone from the flashlight were amazed by the revolutionary LED chip. LED chip unlike the LED diodes that have circular from, have a square body structure that allows the lumen capacity to be 100% successfully transmitted. With this solved problem the flashlight technology can now evolve in something more powerful, the only question is it going to be now or in 5 years.


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