Pakistan’s new Australian physio Shane Hayes claims to be an innovator

Shane Hayes

MUMBAI: Shane Hayes, the new Australian physio, who arrived in Pakistan on Sunday, was scheduled to have his first official session with the players on Tuesday, though he did meet few players on Sunday itself.

Speaking exclusively over his Australian mobile from Room no.:4 (Administrative Building) at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Lahore, where he is being put up, Hayes says, “I have only been in Pakistan for 48 hours now, and the impressions I have been given have been amazing. Everyone from the airport to the NCA have been very friendly people, pleasant and happy to be here”.

“Everyone appears friendly including the cricketers. I will try meet them all individually over the coming week to get to know each of them better”.

Shane Hayes has replaced Zimbabwean Brad Robinson (the son of an ICC umpire, Ian Robinson, who died recently).

Interestingly, Hayes himself loves to be recognized as a “Passionate innovator”.

“Passionate innovator is someone who is always looking for new solutions or ways to do things better or trying to improve process and methods”, he says.

“Injuries are multi-factorial and I thus need to look at every angle for ways to improve. Every country is different, what works in Australia might not necessarily work here, as the key injury drivers may be different here and so I need to first take a big look at everything before I can say specific plans for the players”, he added.

“Before I can truly lay down good plans, I first need to take a big review where we are at and where can we improve”.

Shane Hayes said: “I also need to take time to understand the culture and what unique beliefs and factors motivate people in Pakistan.”


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