Chaudhry Amir Idrees talks about Khawaja Asif’s statement

Khwaja Asif and Shireen Mazari

If you are alert with everything happening in the country, you must be well aware of all the issues being happening in the country since the Prime Minister of Pakistan has been out in London for the medical treatments. Khawaja Asif who is the defense minister of Pakistan is known for his outrageous comments. From time to time, he keeps coming with the statements that no one likes. Even while speaking in the parliament, he comes up with such statements that offend others.

Just recently, while talking in the parliament, Khawaja Asif said something really cheap about PTI whip Shireen Mazari. While addressing herm he called her tractor trolley criticizing her appearance. His statement didn’t go well with the people sitting there and became a sudden source of outrage. He additionally said that the lady needs to be more feminine than masculine.

Haji Chaudhry Amir Idrees

Chaudhry Amir Idrees who is the Consulting Editor as well as the world renowned Chairman The Lahore Times criticized Khawaja Asif and said that he shouldn’t have talked like this about the lady. Furthermore, he said that he knows him for a very long period of time and didn’t expect him to come up with something like this. Alongside, he said that even his father was a well-educated person so he needs to bring forward his legacy and stay away from coming up with such statements.


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