Best practice in African hospitality solutions – HotelOga recognised by Google


LAGOS: At its Expert App Clinic 2016, Google recognised HotelOga – an African hospitality technology start-up – as one of the best practices for using Google Android. The key focus of the discussion were the challenges of building Android applications for billions. Connectivity is definitely one of those challenges, but there are solutions that support users even when they are offline.

“HotelOga is a great example of using an alternative networking solution. They developed strategic partnerships with African multinational telecommunications companies, and this allowed them to provide dedicated data only SIMs to their users. Their app also works offline and supports SMS as a fallback communication mechanism” – said Etienne Caron, Google Developer Expert for Android.

Watch Experts App Clinic video about HotelOga:

In Africa, where connectivity can still often be an issue, solutions that support users both when they are on- and offline are crucial. Specifically in businesses that rely on data transfer. The hospitality industry is a good example here. Hotels need to receive real-time bookings no matter what. Otherwise, they will not be able to keep their books up to date and provide their customers with sufficient service.

“At HotelOga, we connect hotels to an ecosystem that helps them reach out to new customers, creates a solid mechanism for returning guests and, through that, maximises their revenue. We understand the connectivity issues in Africa, and this is why our solution works both online and offline, and hotel managers can rely on it” – said Marek Zmyslowski, CEO & Founder of HotelOga.


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