PPP SB observes one day hunger strike against turning Wadhuwah into gutter Nala

ppp sb protest

HYDERABAD: Pakistan People’s Party-Shaheed Bhutto observed one-day hunger strike at Nasim Nagar Chowk here Thursday against municipal committee Qasimabad, which has turned Wadhuwah canal into gutter Nala and to destroy drainage system. The hunger strike was held by workers of the party as well of civil society and citizens of Qasimabad. Talking with media on hunger striking camp PPP-SB chief organizer, Ali Ahmed Palipoto, Haji Fayaz Memon, Sattar Bhatti, Irshad Khaskheli and others said Qasimabad is said to be heart of Hyderabad, second biggest city of Sindh, has been destroyed b the district administration. They said to convert Wadhuwah which once was a symbol of the beauty of Qasimabad into gutter Nala was injustice with of 7 lac population of the township. They deplored that despite getting crores of rupees as a grant in aid from the government, the municipal authorities failed to desilt Wadhuwah and its cleanliness. They demanded to clean up Wadhwah canal to save residents from epidemic and warned to extend the scope of protest.


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