Cricket-related thing to be constructed on Hanif Mohammad’s grave: Body buried next to his grand-son

Hanif Mohammad

MUMBAI: A cricket-related thing will be built on Hanif Mohammad’s grave. This was revealed by his son and the former selector Shoaib Mohammad.

The 81-year-old first little master of Pakistan, Hanif Mohammad, who was suffering from liver-cancer, died due to the heavy chest infection on Thursday.

Speaking exclusively over his mobile from Karachi, he said, “we are now going (at the hospital) to bring the dead-body at home for shower and final Friday prayers. It will be buried next to my son Ayan’s grave at the junction of Tariq Road graveyard”.

Hanif Mohammad was very close to his grand-son, who at the age of 9, died due to brain tumor.

“There has been no plan to keep the bat with his body in the grave, but we will certainly construct a cricket-related thing on the top of his grave”.

“Crows and peacocks are crying. My dad used to feed them everyday morning. I would say these birds were waiting to be fed by my dad with his hands”.

“My father was a great fan of India’s TV serial CID. Whenever I used to visit his room, he was found busy watching CID”.

“My dad was fond of using Pakistan blazer having a star-log while being interviwed on TV. Gardening was his passion”.

Prime Minister call

The Prime Minister of Pakistan spoke to me for about 4-5 minutes yesterday and he tried to console his family.

Durani’s dad coached him

Interestingly, Hanif Mohammad was coached by the father of India’s ex-left-handed batsman and slow left-arm bowler Salim Durani.

“My father Aziz Durani coached Hanif Mohammad and me”, Salim Durani, 81, says from Jamnagar.

“Hanif Mohammad was born in Junagadh and after India’s partition, my dad moved to Karachi, where he coached him”.

“I had an occasion to meet Hanif Mohammad twice, once during his trip to this country and secondly while we both played league cricket in England”.

“He was talented opening batsman”.


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