Rohit Sharma was declared “bouncing bat” run out

Rohit Sharma was declared "bouncing bat" run out

MUMBAI: Rohit Sharma is not the only international cricketer to be run out in unfortunate fashion when his bat was within the crease but in the air, while running a single with Virat Kohli on Sunday.

Sri Lanka’s Dinesh Chandimal and New Zealand’s Neil Wagner were also declared run outs in this fashion.

According to Law 29 (batsman out of his ground), “(a) batsman shall be considered to be out of his ground unless his bat or some part of his person is grounded behind the popping crease at that end.”

However, from October 1, the new law for Run Out will come into effect.

“The ‘bouncing bat’ run out is when a batsman makes his ground and, while still running, loses contact with the ground beyond the popping crease. It could be his bat or any part of his person that loses contact”, Fraser Stewart, the MCC’s Cricket Academy Manager, explained.

“If a running or diving batsman has grounded his bat or his person beyond the popping crease, and has continued momentum towards the stumps and beyond, he will be deemed to be within his ground if his bat or person subsequently loses contact with the ground”, he added.

New Laws

“The last time a new Code of Laws was written was in 2000. This Code has been amended 5 times since then – in 2003, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2015 – but in October 2017 there will be a new Code, which will provide a different framework for the Laws, together with a more logical numbering sequence|, he concluded.


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