BCCI shows no courtesy to the coach applicants: No guts to ask Kohli’s resignation, if he was not comfortable with the coach

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MUMBAI: Apparently, the Indian cricket board has not acknowledged the receipt of the CVs’ sent by few former cricketers, who have applied for the coach position.

This reporter spoke to three such applicants and none of them have received the acknowledgment from the BCCI, they confirmed.

“I am the respectable cricketer in my country and is this the way to treat us…I am yet to know whether my CV has reached to the proper channel. The BCCI claims to be the professional body and is this the professionalism” he asked.

“They (the BCCI people) have no courtesy to acknowledge the receipt of my CV. I would have been happy had a one-line letter even had they sent..leave aside whether it would be considered or not….,

Anil Kumble, who was tipped to continue till the West Indies tour at least but he is reported to have stayed back in London for the ICC meeting.

This is as if he was not aware about the dates of the ICC meeting and the Windies tour.

At the time of going to press, he was reported to have stepped down as coach.

More interestingly, the BCCI acting secretary was “not aware” about the differences between Kumble and coach…Even Kohli had said so on the eve of the match,

“The BCCI should have shown the guts to say to Kohli, if you are not comfortable with Kumble, resign from the captaincy. But this did not happen

“The BCCI people are trying to fool all of us…”, one of the applicants admitted.

“They have made mess of the situation. The BCCI, administrators, and CAC are involved in the process”, the applicant signed off.


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