Pakistani Women Tend to Shop More Than Men

Pakistani Women Tend to Shop More Than Men

According to a recent survey, Pakistani women are more inclined towards online shopping than Men. Pakistani Moms in major cities, as well as far unfurled areas, confessed to shop for cosmetics, handbags, fashion accessories and clothing for their kids and are more conscious about the quality of online products than men.

There are several female-only online shopping stores in the country such as just4girls which are proving to be more successful ecommerce startups than many other online shopping stores in other niches. The survey was conducted to understand the shopping behavior of millennial Pakistani housewives and found out that women are primary decision makers when it comes to shopping for kids, clothing and other home accessories.  Another finding of the survey indicated that not only more than 50% of Pakistani online shoppers are women but also tend to buy online more repeatedly than Men. The increase internet penetration in the country, especially after the introduction of 3G and 4G, has resulted in the acceleration of online shopping trends. Pakistani women are much more likely to use their smartphones to look for products online and browse price comparison websites for research and merchandise. Women are not only a major demographic of online shoppers but also their inclination and interest towards online shopping is much more than men. Also, women are much more likely to get persuaded by various online shopping deals and coupons than men. That’s why from Pakistani online shopping giantsDaraz and Yayvo to relatively smaller websites such as Getnow are spending more on products related to  female consumers as this market segment is more likely to convert.

However, this doesn’t mean that online stores should cut budgets on targeting their male customers. Men’s accessories, clothing and footwear are still among the bestselling and most profitable categories when it comes to online shopping. Although, females are showing much more interest in online shopping but this doesn’t mean that they also spend more than Men. Also, males are major target demographic in categories like smartphones, powerbanks and other electronics. Pakistani online shopping industry is on the rapid rise and by 2020, it is forecasted to surpass a $1 billion sale which indicates that there is a huge scope in this industry but the biggest face challenging at the moment is to achieve the trust of Pakistani customers and make sure transparency and delivery of quality products to end consumers.


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