DCK vision to synchronize with enshrined vision for a bright future of youth

KARACHI: DHA organized “Qauid-e-Azam Futsal Exhibition Match” between two renowned football teams of Lyari youths, under the Sindh Rangers here at the Sport Complex of DHA City Karachi (DCK) an upcoming city of International stature on M-9 motorway.

Futsal was an exciting sports, which played as a mini football game on hard court. The Exhibition Match assumed immense significance for being held on 25 December to commemorate Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday as well as being a yoyos occasion of Christmas.

Project Director DCK Brig (R) Muhammed Rafiq appreciated the vigor, zeal and competitive spirit demonstrated by youth during the match. He said that the games like futsal provide healthy sports cum recreational facility and promotes tolerance, sharing and healthy competition in society ensuring growth of vibrant youth of the nation.

Talking to the media PD DCK said that DHA playing a vital role in the communities regarding education development and employment generated surrounding areas, adding that not only sports activities but DHA providing 24 hours Ambulance service at M-9 motorway to cater the health services in the DHA city Karachi also.

Brig. Rafiq highlighted that DHA not only a Housing Society project but it provides relief to all vicinity villages with medical services and Ambulance at M-9 remote village people, while a quality education was a dream for those in the villages around the DCK, after health and education provision to the area people life style have changed of local people at large.

He told DHA have established School and soon after college and all its resources at large in the community level, DHA ahead of the years 2018-19 would buildup institutions with plan to achieve the objectives of valuable dreams.

Holding of Fustsal Exhibition Match in DHA City is in synchronization with enshrined vision of DCK for a bright future as well as reaffirmation of Quid’s ideals of unity, faith and discipline Brig. Rafiq said.

Project Director distributed souvenirs and prizes amongst the participants of the match and awarded the trophy to the winning Football teams of Lyari patronized by Sindh Rangers to promote peace and harmony in society and to provide opportunity to Lyari youth to develop their talent in a constructive and useful manner.
On the concluding Match, Layri youth enthusiastically performed Lava (Traditional folk dance) expressing their joyous and high spirits on the occasion. A large number of local area dignitaries, DCK and DHA officials attended the event.


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